LGBT+ History Month: 'Best chippy in the world!' Drag Race star Baga Chipz chows down in Chippy Lane

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It's the first day of LGBT+ History Month and last night a number of stars from the popular TV show, Ru Paul's Drag Race, performed in Cardiff.

Queen of the battered sausage, Baga Chipz, plus Kitty Scott-Claus, River Medway, Choriza May and Elektra Fence performed at the Glee Club in Cardiff last night, as part of Klub Kids Drag Domination 2022 tour.

The Queens reveal what it's been like for them rising to fame, coping with the pandemic as artists, and sharing personal stories on TV about difficult upbringings and discrimination. 

Klub Kids launched in 2013 on the Newcastle gay scene, inspired by the movie,“Party Monster.” Credit: ITV Wales

Baga Chipz gave Chippy Lane (AKA Caroline Street, known as the most famous street in Wales for late-night food) her stamp of approval.

She said: "Big shout out to Chippy Lane in Cardiff [...] Chippy Lane we love you, best chippy in the world."

River Medway, who competed on the third season of RuPaul's Drag Race UK, said: "The reception has been so amazing and I think for me personally, and I know for so many people it's been a really crazy, terrible almost couple of years.

"The fact that I can now go around the country, go around the UK, just doing what I love and bringing a little bit of joy to people is just...I can't ask fro anything more."

RuPaul's Drag Race UK season three contestant, Kitty Scott-Claus, said she is "so pleased" to be back performing on tour. Credit: ITV Wales

"I want people to maybe even see themselves on television and I want to be that person that I was always looking for when I was younger and I think again that is so important, which is why I was so ready to tell my story to the world and I'm glad that I had the platform of Drag race to be able to do that."

Kitty Scott-Claus also competed during third season of RuPaul's Drag Race UK and spoke of her excitement to be back on stage performing in front of an audience.

She said: "We're so pleased.

"It just makes all the difference because it's all well and good doing your online performances during the lockdowns but it's not the same - we do it for the audience interaction - that's what we want, that's what we thrive off. We want the buzz of the audience."

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