Chilling CCTV shows Dr Gary Jenkins' murderers hugging and smiling minutes after fatal attack

  • Watch: CCTV shows doctor's murderers hugging and smiling minutes after fatal attack

CCTV footage shows two men smiling and and embracing less than an hour after murdering a consultant psychiatrist in a park.

Dr Gary Jenkins was violently assaulted in a homophobic attack in Cardiff's Bute Park during the early hours of July 20 2021.

The 54-year-old father-of-two suffered multiple severe brain injuries and died at the University Hospital of Wales 16 days later, on August 5.

Jason Edwards, 25, Lee Strickland, 36, and Dionne Timms-Williams, 17, who can now be named for the first time, were today (February 3) convicted of murder after an eight-day trial at Merthyr Crown Court.

Now CCTV released by police has shed light on the killers' movements that night.

In one clip, Edwards and Timms-Williams are seen emerging from Bute Park immediately after the fatal attack, where they can be seen hugging.

  • Watch: Two of doctor's murderers seen hugging and kissing

CCTV also captures Strickland buying alcohol at a garage using a debit card said to have belonged to Dr Gary Jenkins.

In the next clip, captured at around 1:45am, Edwards and Strickland are seen meeting back up on Cardiff's Queen Street, hugging and smiling.

Dr Jenkins' blood was later found on one of Edwards' black Fila trainers.

When questioned by police, Edwards denied being in Bute Park that night but did say he thought of it as a "dirty park" because gay men congregate there.

Strickland, who was stopped by plain clothes police the same night, was found to have cut knuckles and his blood was discovered inside the pocket of Dr Jenkins' jeans.

  • Watch: CCTV shows Strickland using Dr Jenkins' bank card to buy alcohol

The clothes worn by Timms-Williams that night were never found, with the prosecution claiming she was "forensically aware" and saying she intentionally got rid of them to avoid DNA evidence being found.

In a prepared statement the teenager gave to police, she said she only joined in with the attack because she had been scared of the two men.

Her defence team also claimed she was not homophobic and that she had been in a same-sex relationship.

Judge Daniel Williams said the trio will be sentenced at a later date.