Swansea volunteer creates football tournament to help refugees and asylum seekers

  • Video report by ITV News journalist Dean Thomas-Welch

A volunteer in Swansea who works with refugees and asylum seekers has created his own mini football tournament because he says it's been 'difficult' to integrate them in local clubs.

Colin Gill says the football sessions give people new to the area the chance to go out and meet others through the sport. 

Mr Gill told ITV News: "The majority of the people participating are from a refugee asylum seeking background. They've moved to Swansea to improve the quality of life from their home countries.

"They love Swansea, they want to stay here long-term and part of them integrating into the local community is getting out and meeting people."

The football tournament allows players to meet others from refugee backgrounds living in the area.

He continued: "A great way I've found of meeting people is through sport and so I pitched the idea to them that we could have these football tournaments for them on a regular basis and they could meet locals and people like them."

Kevin Delgado, a footballer involved in the sessions said: "We are from different ethnic minority backgrounds and we all love football. We wanted to continue and do these fortnightly sessions to get active."