80,000 litres of oil leaks into sea off Welsh coast

conwy from high above
Around '500 barrels of oil' have leaked which equates to over nearly 80,000 litres of oil.

Around 80,000 litres of oil has leaked from a pipe off the north Wales coast.

The pipeline, which runs between Conwy and Douglas on the Isle of Man, has been shut off after a leak some 20 miles north of the Welsh coast.

The pipe has been closed since Monday 14th February but operator Eni UK said they are still investigating what happened.

Eni UK processes crude oil to produce fuels, lubricants and chemical products and is involved with offshore drilling in the UK.

A Welsh Government spokesperson said they are working with ENI UK and the relevant authorities to determine the full extent of the spillage.

A spokesperson for the Maritime and Coastguard Agency said: “The Maritime and Coastguard Agency's Counter Pollution and Salvage team, together with other agencies, are monitoring the response of Eni UK and assisting partner local authorities in an ongoing response to an incident, which was first reported off the North Wales Coast yesterday.”

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