Parents to get up to £200 to help with school uniform costs in Wales

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Parents currently spend an average of £337 on uniform for each child at secondary school, and £315 at primary school. Credit: PA

A £200 grant to help parents and guardians pay for school uniform has been extended to all pupils in Wales, from reception age through to Year 11.

The Welsh Government's PDG Access Grant had previously only been available to children in certain school years.

Families who are eligible for free school meals will be able to apply for the grant, worth up to £200.

The money would be used to buy uniform, sports kit and equipment for other extra-curricular activities. 

Parents currently spend an average of £337 on uniform for each child at secondary school, and £315 at primary school, according to The Children’s Society.

The Welsh Government said the cost of these items can be a barrier for families on low incomes.

They're putting £3.3m into the scheme and say it will allow pupils to fully access their education.

This latest funding follows the announcement of a £330 million support package to help people in Wales cope with spiralling living costs.

Credit: Welsh Government

Families are advised to contact their local authorities to apply for the money.

All looked after children qualify for the grant, whether they receive free school meals or not, and families are entitled to claim once per child, per school year.

Education Minister Jeremy Miles said: “We know that families are facing extreme pressure with increases in the cost of living, and extra costs associated with going to school can be a real worry for them.  Tackling the impact of poverty on learner attainment is a key priority for this Government, and removing barriers and worry around the cost of the school day by investing in the PDG Access Grant is one way in which we can support our children, young people and their families.

“The PDG Access grant has already made a huge difference to many families across Wales, and expanding its provision means that more children will be able to benefit and buy the uniform or equipment they need.

“I want to make sure that income is not a barrier to children having access to activities around the school day, but that they are able to take part in the same activities as their peers and are given the support they need to reach their full potential.” 

Parents and guardians have until 30 June to apply for the school uniform grant before a new scheme begins.