Shocking CCTV of children jumping on railway tracks prompts police warning

Shocking CCTV of youngsters jumping onto railway tracks has prompted police to issue renewed warnings about the dangers of railway trespassing.

The footage, filmed at a station in south Wales, shows children climbing down from the platform and running across the tracks.

British Transport Police said 720 railway trespass incidents were recorded in Wales in the last year.

British Transport Police Inspector, Richard Powell, said the railway "is not a playground."

The CCTV shows the young people jumping onto the tracks and running across. Credit: BTP

Insp Powell said: "Every time someone steps onto the track they are putting themselves at risk of serious, life-changing injury.

“We tend to see a spike in cases of juvenile related trespass and anti-social behaviour during the school holidays. Safety is our top priority and we’re asking that we all speak to our loved ones to prevent further damage or serious injury.”

  • The rail network is never switched off. Electricity powers the overhead cables 24/7.

  • Timetables are subject to change and only show passenger services – freight trains can run at any time of the day or night and can travel up to 100mph.

  • Trespass on the railways is illegal, and anyone caught could face up to £1,000 fine and be left with a criminal record.

(Source: British Transport Police)

Emily Coughlin, community safety manager at Network Rail, said: “Trespassing on the railway is illegal but, the fact is, playing on the tracks is incredibly dangerous and could lead to life-changing injuries or even fatal consequences.

“Network Rail and BTP continuously visit schools across Wales, educating children on the dangers of the railway but we also need care-givers help to really get that message across - especially in the lead up to the school holidays.”