Newlyweds swept off their feet with 85mph winds in Storm Eunice ceremony

Love was well and truly in the air for bride Becca and groom Tom on their wedding day Credit: Marc Smith

A couple whose wedding was postponed because of coronavirus finally tied the knot yesterday - during Storm Eunice!

Pharmacy technician Becca Moses and her husband, tree surgeon Tom Moses, battled winds of up to 85mph and power and water cuts to get married in Swansea yesterday.

Becca said: "When I was getting ready we found out that there was a power cut and I didn't really realise the extent of it. So we were a bit behind schedule but the venue were absolutely amazing. The day's gone very smoothly regardless."

Tom added that Becca was more stressed the day before the wedding. He said: "Luckily she took everything in her stride on the wedding day. It was what it was and nothing could be changed."

Becca admitted she had tried to avoid hearing anything about Storm Eunice in the lead up to the ceremony.

"I didn't watch the news so I didn't realise how bad it was until one of my bridesmaids told me...I'd been sort of ignoring everything," the newlywed said.

The bride and groom were windswept posing in Rhossili during Storm Eunice Credit: Marc Smith

Behind the scenes, the staff at Fairyhill wedding venue were hard at work to make the day as special as possible for the bride and groom.

Hannah Jones, who works at the venue, said: "At 11am our water and power supply went down. We lost everything from WiFi to beer pumps. Our entire kitchen was brought to a holt.

"We lit the entire space with candles and fires for warmth and light.

"Most of the guests had made it down prior to the announcement of bridges and road closures. Running only 20 minutes late, we ran the ceremony as normal.

"However, in the background the power was still not coming on and the weather was getting worse.

"By this point, we managed to get a generator en route to us and our electricians were working tirelessly to get power back to the kitchen, to start cooking.

"The show must go on!"

Becca and Tom had initially planned to get married in 2020 but the couple had Covid at the time, so they have been waiting several years for the big day.

Becca worked on Covid wards during the pandemic as well as at mass vaccination centres, while Tom is a tree surgeon, who has a busy job ahead of him helping with the aftermath of Storm Eunice - where many trees were uprooted across the country.

After being in a relationship with Tom for eight years, Becca said she is "so happy to finally be married".

The couple will be heading off on their honeymoon in the next few weeks for a skiing holiday and they hope that the windy weather will stay away from them there.