Grandmother 'can't cope' with 'unlivable' North Wales home that was meant to improve her life

010322 Grandmother's nightmare over unlivable home
Annette's family say the conditions of her home were 'shocking'.

A grandmother with serious health issues claims the "unlivable" conditions of her housing association property are impacting her mental and physical health.

Annette Jones says moving to a more accessible property on Toronnen in Bangor was supposed to improve her quality of life but has instead become a "nightmare".

The 64-year-old has a number of health issues including a chronic lung condition.

Annette claims there are patches of mould, unfinished flooring, and peeling walls throughout the North Wales Housing Association property, making it "unlivable".

Annette was excited by the prospect of moving into a home that was more suited to her needs.

She said: "It's just horrific, we walked in and there was mould all over the walls and dirt everywhere, it was in an awful state.

"When I came to view it, the people from the housing association told me to look past the state it was in because everything would be dealt with.

"They said it would all be cleaned and all the maintenance work would be done before I moved in so it was a massive shock to see it like that.

"I would never expect anyone to live in that, it was awful."

North Wales Housing Association said work was carried out on the property prior to Mrs Jones moving in.

Annette's daughter Ceri says the state of the property is impacting the whole family's health.

Annette is also waiting for a hip operation, so she accepted the property because it had easy access to all her facilities as it was flat.She continued: "But since being here I've got an awful cough from the mould and I couldn't even move yesterday, my whole body was shaking, it's just so stressful."To be honest, I'm not coping. I can't take any more of this."

Annett's daughter Ceri says she had to take a week off work to help her mother clean and paint the property.

She says the "nightmare" continued as she had to call herself an ambulance because she started having an asthma attack from scraping the walls.

"My mum's had to move because of ill health but if anything this has made things worse. She's been getting migraines because of the stress and she's absolutely exhausted." She said.

"They should never let properties out like this in the first place, it's not right.

"What about the people that don't have families to help them, what are they supposed to do?"

North Wales Housing Association said North Wales Housing has responded to any reasonable concerns raised by the tenant and work was carried out on the property prior to Mrs Jones moving in.

Ruth Lanham-Wright, Assistant Director for Homes, said: "We have carried out necessary repairs to the property, ready to be decorated by the tenant.

"We have provided decorative vouchers to Ms Jones and extended the moving in period to help her with the move.

"We will continue to communicate with Ms Jones and any concerns she may have.”