'Yesterday we had 13 lorries, now we have 30': Volunteers determined to help those fleeing Ukraine

  • Report by Ian Lang

In a warehouse on Wrexham's industrial estate a small army of volunteers are determined to make a difference and get desperately needed aid to people fleeing war torn Ukraine.

Men, women and children are fleeing over the border into Poland. They have left everything they possess behind and have nothing but the clothes they stand up in.

An appeal put out by the Wrexham based Polish Integration Support Centre has had an astounding response.

But an appeal put out just a few days ago by the Wrexham based Polish Integration Support Centre has had an astounding response.

From money to warehouse storage space, clothes, basic necessities, toys, transport and fuel costs. So much has been donated - enough it's thought to fill at least 30 lorries.

And there has been no shortage of volunteers willing to work flat out to get the job done.

Anna Buckley

Anna Buckley, director and founder of the centre, said the response has been overwhelming.

She said: "They are receiving between three and five million refugees in Poland so everything that is going on here is amazing. We will send everything to the Polish border.

"We have two charitable organisations working in Poland and we also work with three organisations in the Ukraine.  I know exactly what they need, what needs to be sent because we are having conversations every night.

"At the moment we have five places nearly as big as this.

"When we know exactly how many lorries we have there will be a humanitarian convoy from Wales, from Wrexham to Poland."

They've been collecting clothes, basic necessities and toys,

Lisa Ashley form the homeless and refugee support charity, Share, is giving her logistics  expertise.

"It is too much to count at the moment until we have everything put on pallets. Once that is done we will know how much is going out.

"Yesterday we had 13 lorries. Now we have 30."