The sanctuary waking up hundreds of tortoises from hibernation ready for spring

  • Video report by ITV Wales reporter Kate Lewis

An animal sanctuary in Sully, Penarth has been looking after hundreds of tortoises while they've been hibernating over the winter period and has the task of waking them up in time for spring.

The International Tortoise Association has been hibernating almost 300 tortoises in big chillers, with the optimum temperature set to around 4°C for them to take their winter nap.

Ann Ovenstone MBE, owner of the sanctuary said: "These tortoises are from all parts of the world so each and every individual needs different care and they have different needs.

The tortoises have been hibernating during the winter months.

Many of the tortoises have been in hibernation in the sanctuary since October, with volunteers checking on them daily.

And even after going home, their owners will have more work to do to wake them up fully.

Mariclare Carey-Jones was there to pick up some of her tortoises after their hibernation and said: "I'm going to be washing their eyes, bathing them just to keep them warm, with a warm water bath, make sure they are lovely and hydrated after their nice long sleep so there are things you need to do with them. They have to have a nice varied diet so plenty of fruit and vegetables."