Skies could turn orange as Saharan dust moves across Europe towards Wales

The Saharan dust created an eerie atmosphere in Spain this week. Credit: PA Images

Saharan dust moving across Europe could hit Wales and the rest of the UK on Wednesday.

It comes as parts of southern Spain have been blanketed following a thick plume which has turned skies orange, with satellite images showing the dust over France.

Forecasters say the impact is "unlikely" to be significant, with the dust potentially most visible at sunset.

The Met Office has said the dust cloud, which is 2km above ground level, may fall during showers in southern parts of the country in the afternoon.

Dust was spotted on people's cars in Spain. Credit: PA Images

What has caused the dust cloud and how will it affect me?

Storm Celia over Spain is pulling a dust cloud up from the Sahara, which could reach parts of Wales and the rest of the UK on Wednesday.

It is likely that parts of southern England could spot the dust, however, some of this may potentially be carried to Wales.

Whilst there should not be any significant impact, people may notice some dust falling on their cars and washed out on windows over the next few days.

We could also see some pretty spectacular sunsets as the dust cloud causes an orange hue in the sky, if the weather forecast allows.

The Saharan dust has been spotted in the skies over North Africa. Credit: PA Images

Richard Miles, of the Met Office said: "We don't expect significant impacts - the most likely would be on the cloudscapes at sunset, but as conditions are likely to be generally overcast and wet for much of the day this is unlikely to amount to much. There are no air quality warnings.

"People in the south might find a bit of dust left on their cars as the rain washes it out of the skies today."

Storm Celia over Spain is drawing up the Saharan dust plume to the UK. Credit: Copernicus / ITV Weather

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