Neighbours who lost everything in Storm Dennis floods deliver aid from Wales to Ukrainian border

Two neighbours whose homes were devastated by floods during Storm Dennis have driven more than 4,000 miles to deliver aid to refugees fleeing Ukraine.

Jon Rhodes and Paul Hanlon both live in Canal Side, Aberdulais - one of the worst-hit areas during the flooding of February 2020.

Around thirty homes in the area were flooded, with many residents unable to return for months.

Paul and Jon back home in Aberdulais

The pair decided to embark on the aid mission from Wales to the border of Ukraine after seeing and hearing about the experience of people fleeing the country.

Jon, whose wife Anna is Ukrainian, described the "heart-wrenching" scenes they witnessed on the border.

Paul said he was moved by the sight of refugees making it out of Ukraine.

He said: "What touched me most was seeing a bus from Mariupol crossing the border. I can't imagine the depth of mixed emotions they must have been feeling.

"We saw two young girls crossing the border on foot running into the arms of an old man who was crying to meet them."

Jon's wife Anna, who is from Ukraine, helped the friends coordinate their journey

Jon added: "We saw mothers with children with just the clothes they stood up in and a few hand carry bags, and some emotional family reunions as they met relatives on the Poland side.

"It really is heart-wrenching to see."

Together they have raised more than £1,200 to support their operation.

Paul said: "We were prepared to fund the 4,000 mile return journey ourselves but started a crowd-funder so people could help us with our aid mission.

"We think the cost will extend to around £3,000 by the time we get back. It's amazing how it mounts up.

"People have been incredibly generous."