Wales' first official LGBTQ+ tennis club launched in Cardiff

The tennis sessions were launched in Cardiff on Saturday. Credit: Tennis Wales

Wales' first official LGBTQ+ tennis club has been launched in Cardiff. Held in Heath Park, the sessions encourage the LGBTQ+ community to come together and play sport, whatever their abilities. 

The sessions are free to attend and will be held weekly to help those looking to improve their tennis skills.

Neil Roberts helped to create the group sessions after being passionate about the sport himself and playing tennis for many years.

Neil spoke to Tennis Wales to set up the club in Cardiff.

He told ITV News: "It's a place for anyone who identifies at LGBTQ+ to come and try tennis, regardless of their ability.

"I'm aware of a few sports in Cardiff and a few places in Wales that encourage LGBTQ+ people to join and play, but I noticed there wasn't anything like that for tennis in Wales.

"There are a couple in England, but I thought it would be a great opportunity for people who identify as LGBTQ+ to join a club where they feel like they can take up tennis, but also play tennis with like-minded people."

The sessions are free to attend and held weekly. Credit: Tennis Wales

Neil continued: "This is meant to be a safe space for everyone to come and enjoy tennis. Myself, I've been playing tennis for 15 years now.

"It's a sport that I've enjoyed since then and growing up I've always felt like access to sport was something that I didn't necessarily have, but I was very fortunate to have tennis and what I really want to do is expand that to other people."

Neil is hoping that the LGBTQ+ tennis club will help to encourage people to meet new friends and provide them with a safe and welcoming environment to develop their tennis skills.