Wales could see snow as cold snap is on its way

Snow settles on the ground in Rhayader, Wales, in January 2020. Credit: PA

Wales is about to face a cold snap just days after enjoying glorious Spring sunshine - and could even see snow.

A band of rain will continue southwards this afternoon with some on the rear edge, the Met Office has said.It added that wintry showers will feed in on the cold Arctic air across the north, whilst it will be milder in the south with a few showers likely.

"Some of us will see snow over the next 24 hours. At this time of year it is less likely to settle, especially on roads and pavements."

In Wales, the rain will turn to sleet or wet snow over the highest ground during Wednesday afternoon (March 30) as a cold northeasterly wind develops.

Maximum temperatures in Wales will be 13C - despite Britons not long ago enjoying warmer weather conditions than Greece.

Overnight temperatures will dip as low as -2C in some parts of Wales before another cold snap on Thursday (March 31). It will feel cold in the brisk northeasterly wind.

Later in the week, the cold weather will continue bringing isolated showers of rain, sleet and hill snow, according to the Met Office.