Dr Alex George receives 'violent threats' after buying Pembrokeshire cottages for holiday homes

Credit: Dr Alex George/Instagram

Former Welsh Love Island contestant Dr Alex George has received "threats of violence" after announcing he is turning four properties in Pembrokeshire into holiday homes.

Dr Alex, from Carmarthen, was praised by some after also revealing that he intended to host a family of Ukrainian refugees in one of the cottages.

But there has been backlash from some communities in Pembrokeshire who say they are unable to buy a property in their local area.

It is the latest development in ongoing concerns over second homes pricing local people out of rural communities in Wales.

In an Instagram post, 31-year-old Dr Alex said: "I appreciate those who have tried to respectfully share concerns about housing in the area.

"Sadly I have received a number of threats of violence which is never acceptable. Let alone abuse.

"I am an avid campaigner and activist myself but being respectful and reasonable should always be a baseline for discussion."

Dr Alex said he wants to create "relaxing spaces for families to holiday and enjoy the Welsh countryside". Credit: Dr Alex George/Instagram

He added that the properties "would not be possible for residential purchase", and said he would invite a local person to rent the flat, "if and when the refugees wanted to leave".

Campaigner Owen Williams said: "Considering [Dr Alex is] from Carmarthen, he cannot be unaware of the ongoing issues in Pembrokeshire - literally the county next door to Carmarthenshire.

"If cannot afford to live in the area in which you grew up, where you know people, where your family are, where your friends are, and you are simply priced out of the market by people who can spend hundred and hundreds of thousands pounds more on properties, then how on earth can you establish a foot-hole in the community in which you grew up and establish yourself?"

Dr Alex said he has been "listening to and hearing from Pembrokeshire locals" and understands their "frustration around the housing situation in the region".

However, he said the properties are on the land of his family, who are from the Camrose area of Pembrokeshire.

He said: "I think what's been lost in communication here, partly because I have wanted to respect the privacy of my family, is that this converted out-house is on the land of the house they are in.

"These are not separate cottages, and are in fact a singular building that has been split. I should have been clearer.

"This is why we have looked to utilise these buildings as well as give them work and a project now they have retired from their careers. They were born and raised in and around the Camrose area.

"I apologise for any confusion or frustration caused and hope I have provided some clarity."

In Wales, Pembrokeshire has the second highest number of second homes - making up more than 16% of the housing stock.

The Welsh Government recently introduced tough new rules which would allow local authorities to set council tax premiums on second homes and long-term empty properties by up to 300% from April 2023.