Two dogs, one special connection: The tale of Bridget, Cora and the gift of life

  • Watch the video report by ITV Wales journalist Dean Thomas-Welch

Two dogs with a particularly special connection met for the first time after a blood transfusion from one dog saved the other's life.

Bridget, a ten-year-old Yorkshire Terrier from Wrexham, was in urgent need of a blood transfusion after suffering from severe anaemia.

Martyn Rogers, Bridget's owner, put her in the car and took her to a veterinary practice in Ellesmere Port, north west England, after it looked like Bridget may not survive.

Martyn said he feared the worst for Bridget when he was forced to take her to the vet with severe anaemia

"They said she's basically got no hope she's not going to make it. So we took the decision to put her in the car, head up the motorway to here, to Ellesmere Port, which isn't our local vet our local vet is in Wrexham but it's the same animal trust vets," Martyn said.

"So we came here because they do the blood transfusions.

"So we came here and she received the blood transfusion. They didn't expect her to live to be honest, the vets here didn't expect her to live.

"But she's tough and she's here, aren't you Bridget?"

It was the blood from Cora the labradoodle that saved Bridget's life.

Cora's donated blood was pivotal in saving Bridget's life

Her owners had been donating her blood every eight weeks for the past two years. They said they were surprised after receiving a call telling them Cora's donated blood had helped save Bridget's life.

Derek Willey said it was something of a "wow" moment.

"Bridget had been in the room next to our dog and the blood was there, and because of her giving her donation she saved this little dog's life," Derek said.

"It was like 'wow', because obviously you don't hear of that many good news stories, especially over animals."

During their special get together, there were treats given to Cora as a show of thanks for saving Bridget's life.