'We have all been through a lot': Over 10,000 people given mental health support

More than 10,000 people have been supported by the self-referral scheme Credit: PA Images

A mental health self-help programme has helped over 10,000 people, according to the charity Mind Cymru.

More than 80% of people who have been through the Active Monitoring scheme said it had improved their depression, anxiety or mental wellbeing.

Meanwhile more than 90% of people said they would recommend it to other people.

Active Monitoring is being run in partnership with local Minds across Wales, with the Welsh Government confirming the programme will be funded until at least September 2022.

Sarah-Jane Burns, from Porthcawl, went through the Active Monitoring programme earlier this year.

She works as an employment mentor and has referred many people to the programme, before realising she could benefit from the service herself.

She said: "I'd seen how Active Monitoring had helped the people I work with and I realised I could do with some help as well.

Mind Cymru said now was a more important time than ever to look after our mental health Credit: PA Images

"There were many changes at work that were having an effect on my wellbeing.

"It was easy to sign up and once I started they talked me through everything, step by step.

"It's great because there's no pressure on you - it's very much a case of read through the resources as and when you can.

"It's such a gentle approach.

"I've used the information Mind gave me both at work and in my daily life. It was such an offload for me and has changed my mood and my outlook on life.

"You don't really feel like you've been on a journey until you reach the end and look back at where you were before."

Julia James, Head of Programmes at Mind Cymru, said: "The past two years have taken a real toll on all of us, and in particular on people's mental health. We have all been through a lot.

"The fact that Active Monitoring has helped so many people improve their mental health and wellbeing shows just how necessary this service is.

"Looking after your mental health is more important now than ever. If you notice that you aren't feeling your usual self, it's vital that you get help as early as possible.

"Programmes like Active Monitoring can help you deal with the problems you have before they escalate."

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