'You could not make it up' - Owners amazed as cat who had never left house turns up 300 miles away

A missing cat has been reunited with its owner after being found nearly 300 miles from home in an Essex garage.

Ashley, a two-year-old Siamese house cat, escaped through the bathroom window of her home in Glan Conwy, north Wales on Good Friday.

Her owners Val and Dan Worsley were "totally devastated" and had "the whole village out looking for her."

As the days went by, the couple began to lose hope, before they had a call to say Ashley had been found in a garage in North Stifford - 271 miles away.

"You could not make this up" said Dan, in a now viral Facebook post.

"Last Good Friday afternoon our cleaner left the bathroom window open and our 2 year old Siamese cat Ashley, who had never left the house before jumped down 15 feet and disappeared.

Ashley the cat travelled nearly 300 miles in a journey that takes almost five hours by car. Credit: Google Maps

"We live in Glan Conwy, North Wales and had the whole village out looking for her... we had every shed and outhouse checked... no sign. Days went by and then a week. We were totally devastated and starting to think, that's it we'll never see her again.

"Then today (April 25) we get a call from Karen in Tilbury, 279 miles away, to say she has got our cat. Someone there had found her in their garage and handed her in. That is just amazing.

"Thank God for Pippa's Army Animal Rescue and its fabulous members. I am driving down to Essex to collect Ashley and will be making a generous donation to your funds. We are realy, really grateful."

Precisely how Ashley ended up in Essex remains a mystery, but rescuers suggested she may have found her way into a car engine.

Owner Val told ITV News she "burst into tears" when she heard the news.

"I thought how the heck has she gotten to Essex", Val told ITV News. " I was convinced we’d lost her forever."

Ashley had a few bumps and scrapes and had lost some weight, but was otherwise fine, and is now back home in Wales.

"The whole village is happy to have her back", said Val.