Wrexham football fans banned from attending Stockport County’s next match

Police say Wrexham fans will not be allowed to attend the next Stockport County match Credit: PA

Wrexham fans planning to attend Stockport County’s next match will be denied entry to the ground.

North Wales Police said recent posts on social media channels have encouraged Wrexham fans to buy away end tickets for Stockport’s home clash against Torquay United on Wednesday night (11 May).

Greater Manchester Police are aware of this situation and will continue to identify the Wrexham supporters involved.

Numerous ticket purchases have already been cancelled.

Police said ticket purchasing is still being monitored and any Wrexham fans attempting to enter Edgeley Park will be removed from the stadium.

North Wales Police DFO Dave Evans said: “We will continue to share information with our colleagues at GMP to assist their policing operation and anyone identified as a Wrexham fan will not be admitted.

“Our advice to Wrexham supporters intent on following the game is to listen to it on the radio at home and not to attend.”