Transport For Wales: 'Singing conductor' treats passengers to rendition of Queen classic

  • Video captured by passenger Joe Pugh during his commute from Cardiff to Manchester

Rail passengers were delighted when they were treated to a rendition of Queen's We Are The Champions - with a Newport twist.

Commuters travelling on the Transport For Wales Service from Cardiff Central to Manchester Piccadilly on Monday afternoon (May 9) received more than just a ticket collection.

The conductor of the train entertained passengers by singing to them during the train journey.

Complete with sound effects, the announcer sang: "Next stop is Newport my friends.

"Newport, sunny Newport is the next. It's sunny Newport, it's sunny Newport, time for a station, stay safe in Newport - our next stop!"

Joe Pugh was aboard the 16:50 Manchester Piccadilly service, leaving from Cardiff Central. He captured the sing-along and posted it to Twitter, saying "I’m not sure who the conductor was on the 16:50 service from Cardiff Central to Manchester Piccadilly, but they deserve a pay rise for this announcement alone."

Joe said: "The singing started just as we left the tunnel before arriving at Newport station. He timed it quite well as he finished his singing just before the train reached the platform."

He said the conductor sang a version of ‘We Are the Champions’ by Queen, adding: "I did ask the TfW Twitter account if he knew ‘Wonderwall’.

"It made me laugh, and definitely brightened up my Monday afternoon. I had a smile on my face all the way home."