Queens Speech: What's in it and what will and won't affect Wales

The legislative programme was delivered by Prince Charles after the monarch dropped out with mobility issues.

The prime minister's plan for the year has been set out in the Queen's Speech.

The legislative programme, delivered by Prince Charles after the monarch dropped out with mobility issues, focuses on growing the economy, crime, the NHS and "making the most of our Brexit freedoms", according to Boris Johnson.

Critics are already saying it lacks substance. But what does it mean for Wales?

  • Levelling Up Bill - Parts of this will affect Wales in that it will enable the UK Government to use post-Brexit powers in devolved areas. But planning is devolved so the planning reforms won’t affect Wales.

  • Transport Bill, Energy Security Bill, Draft Digital Markets, Competitions and Consumer Bill, UK Infrastructure Bank Bill will all have some effect on Wales but much of the areas they cover are devolved.

  • Schools Bill, Higher Education Bill, Draft Mental Health Act Reform Bill, Social Housing Regulation Bill won’t affect Wales at all.

  • Brexit Freedoms Bill allows formerly EU laws to be amended more easily so will have some impact on Wales in the future.

  • Trade (Australia and New Zealand) Bill will implement the free trade agreements with Australia and New Zealand. Farmers in Wales have warned that the deals will enshrine unfairness in trade for them.

  • Public Order Bill will cover England and Wales. Opponents have been critical about the way they say it will make it harder to protest. The UK Government says it’s clamping down on disruptive ‘guerilla’ protests like Insulate Britain.

  • Bill of Rights Bill will seek to limit the effects of Human Rights legislation (part of this government’s fight with ‘lefty lawyers’ but will be limited unless the UK leaves the European Convention on Human Rights.

  • Conversion Therapy Bill will ban conversion therapy (but controversially not in the cases of trans people)