Mental Health Awareness Week: Calls for more support for people entering adult treatment services

  • Watch the video report by ITV Cymru Wales Health Correspondent, Rob Osborn

The NHS in Wales needs to do to help with the transition from children's health services to adult, says one young person who's been through the SCAMHS system.

Megan Abbott, from Gorslas in Camarthenshire, has autism and Borderline Personality Disorder. She left SCAMHS (Specialist Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services) and moved to adult mental health services in March 2019.

She feels that young people would be much better served if there was some sort of bridge from SCAMHS to adult services so that young people don't experience such a drop in support at a time when they are particularly vulnerable.

Megan hopes something can be put in place for those aged 18-25, to help with the transition into adult treatment. Credit: ITV Wales

The 21-year-old told ITV Wales: "I'd have hour long appointments with a psychiatrist every few weeks - it was useful to have contact time."

But she said it was "challenging" as she moved into adult services.

"You go from having hour long appointments with CAMHS and as an adult it's a 10 minute appointment. It's usually a case of 'here's a box of tablets, on your way until the next appointment' and there's no sitting down and discussing."

Megan's stepmum, Jo Abbott-Davies, described seeing what Megan went through as "painful".

She said: "It's more complicated and difficult for Meg than it needs to be and watching someone go through a difficult time and not being clear on who's meant to be responsible for their care is really difficult."

A Welsh Government spokesperson said it is currently undertaking work directly with young people to help identify their needs and how services can improve transition support.

They added: "We continue to prioritise investment in mental health services with an extra £50m committed in 2022/23."

Megan hopes something can be put in place for those aged 18-25, to help with the transition.

She said: "It's hard enough becoming an adult having all these responsibilities thrown on you but especially when you're going through mental health struggles as well you just need that extra support."