Aberystwyth park bench dedicated to man who 'used to swear at seagulls'

The plaque pays tribute to a Huw Davies, who was apparently not a fan of gulls. Credit: PA Images / James Vaughan / Twitter

This article contains references to offensive language

A park bench dedicated to a man who "used to sit and swear" at passing seagulls has been dubbed "the best memorial ever encountered".

The plaque reads: "In loving memory of Huw Davies.

"Used to sit here and shout 'F*** off!' at the seagulls."

Passer-by James Vaughan said that he was enjoying a stroll in the grounds of Aberystwyth Castle on Sunday when he found the bench.

He took a snap and uploaded it to social media site Twitter, where it has amassed thousands of likes and retweets.

James Vaughan tweeted this image of the plaque, which has gone viral on Twitter. Credit: James Vaughan / Twitter

One Twitter user wrote: "This is the kind of legacy I hope to leave behind too", while another said: "Huw seems like a person I'd like to have met".

A third added: "I bet every day someone looks at it and smiles, if not laughs. May we all achieve that level of legendary".

Others were quick to come forward with their own examples of amusing memorial plaques.

One image shows a bench dedicated to someone "who hated this park and everyone in it".

Another reads: "Forever missed by his friends and family.

"He's not dead yet. He's just become increasingly anti-social."

Ceredigion County Council later confirmed to ITV News that the tribute to Huw Davies had been taken down.

A spokesperson said: "An unauthorised plaque had been placed, by an unknown person, on an existing bench within Aberystwyth Castle grounds. The plaque has been removed."