The moment 95-year-old bachelor ties the knot with his 'soulmate'

  • Report by Kate Lewis

Proving there is no age limit on love, 95-year-old bachelor Julian Moyle tied the knot for the first time last week, marrying the love of his life, Valerie.

It was a day they both say they'll never forget.

"It was the most amazing day, it was absolutely wonderful", said 84-year-old Val.

"Oh amazing, it was so heartwarming to see all these friends wishing us well and there was a marvellous atmosphere in the church and the hall afterwards", Julian added.

The newlyweds got married in Cardiff last week

Julian and Val met 23 years ago in the Calvary Baptist Church where they both volunteered to feed the homeless - and it's where they got married.

When asked if it was love at first sight, Val laughed and said: "I wouldn't say that, no."

The pair have always shared a sense of humour and a zest for life and have visited Julian's family in Australia three times.

The couple met 23 years ago

Until the day they tied the knot Julian and Val lived apart but would phone each other every day at 1 o'clock.

"We've just been friends until now", said Val.

"We've just been good friends because I gave up many years ago because I knew he had this problem with commitment but I thought he's a good friend and that will do, then suddenly he changed."

In February this year on his 95th birthday Julian finally popped the question and Val "couldn't believe it".

Julian popped the question on his 95th birthday

When asked if Julian went down on one knee, laughing once again, Val replied: "No, if he got down he wouldn't get up again."

In their younger years Julian was a professional opera singer and Val worked in schools. Whilst they hold different interests they both share similar qualities.

"He's just a gentleman in every sense of the word and he's just so modest I just love that about him, he's just lovely", said Val.

Julian added: "Oh Val thanks you are lovely too, very kind and giving person and very fun to know."

The couple have proved that there is no age limit on love

So after almost a century of being single how are the first few days of married life going?

"Oh great, I'm being looked after beautifully."

"He had a cup of tea first thing in bed"

"Yes, oh yes, it's great."

These newlyweds have certainly proven there is no age limit on love.