Meet William Gannon: The Pembroke Dock councillor who stood down because he isn't Banksy

  • Video report by Dean Thomas-Welch

There won't be many reasons for stepping down from public office quite as unusual as William Gannon's.

The Pembroke Dock councillor has resigned, blaming people who falsely suggest he is the world famous artist Banksy.

Mr Gannon said the "quite ridiculous" claims were made on several social media pages and his resignation letter claimed it was undermining his ability to do his work as a councillor.

He has since made "I am not Banksy" badges after people continued to ask him to prove he is not the world famous street artist.

Bansky's real name and identity remain unknown - although he is known to be from Bristol - and continue to be the subject of speculation.

"The problem I've got is I'm not being asked to prove who I am, I'm actually being asked to prove who I'm not.

"How does anybody prove they are not somebody else? How do I prove I am not Bansky?

"Every time I say to somebody 'I'm not Bansky', they say 'Ah, well that is exactly what Bansky would say'.

Mr Gannon has had 'I am not Bansky' badges made

"The more I deny it, the more people believe it."

Now that he has stood down, Mr Gannon intends to return to his former role as a community artist.

With Mr Gannon ruled out, the mystery as to who the real Banksy is continues.