Wales in the World Cup: How to get tickets, who are Wales playing, and can I drink alcohol in Qatar?

Fans watched Wales qualify for their first World Cup since 1958. Credit: PA Images

The Wales football team has qualified for its first World Cup in 64 years after defeating Ukraine in their final qualifying play-off in Cardiff.

Wales secured its place in the 2016 and 2020 European Championships - and now a World Cup for the first time since 1958.

It's a remarkable turnaround for the side, which little more than a decade ago was languishing 117th in the world and ranked below Guyana, Haiti and Mozambique.

Wales fans - affectionately known as The Red Wall - will be keen to get their hands on tickets to watch the action. Here's what we know so far.

The Welsh team celebrates after defeating Ukraine to reach the World Cup. Credit: PA Images
  • When and where does the World Cup 2022 take place?

The FIFA World Cup will take place in Qatar from 21 November to 18 December 2022. All Wales matches will be played at the Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium.

  • Who are Wales playing in the World Cup 2022?

Cymru will meet USA, Iran and England in Group B. The fixtures are as follows (kick-off GMT):

21 November - USA v Wales (19:00)

25 November - Wales v IR Iran (10:00)

29 November - Wales v England (19:00)

View inside the Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium in Qatar. Credit: PA Images
  • How do Wales fans get tickets for the World Cup in Qatar?

The Football Association of Wales (FAW) says FIFA World Cup ticket information is yet to be confirmed.

There have already been two sales phases, comprising a random selection draw and a first-come-first served sales period. Phase 1 finished on 29 March 2022, while Phase 2 finished on 28 April 2022.

The third and final phase is a first-come-first-served sales period.

In a statement on its website, the FAW said: "Cymru have qualified for their first FIFA World Cup since 1958 and will head to Qatar in November where they will play USA, IR Iran and England. 

"The Football Association of Wales is aware that there will be much excitement amongst The Red Wall for the tournament. 

"The FAW is awaiting information from FIFA in relation to the ticket sale process and this will be communicated to members of The Red Wall as soon as the information is made available."

Meanwhile, the UK Government cautions: "You should check the FIFA website for ticket information and only purchase match tickets from official providers.

"Match tickets bought through unofficial means may not be valid."

Many fans will want to watch the action in Qatar. Credit: PA Images
  • What is the travel advice and entry requirements for Qatar during the World Cup?

Fans planning to attend a World Cup game in Qatar must apply for a Hayya Card, according to official travel advice from the UK Government.

A Hayya Card is a form of fan ID, which will be required to enter the country and attend matches during the tournament period. It will also provide free public transport access on match days.

People travelling to Qatar between 1 November 2022 and 23 January 2023 will need to have an approved Hayya Card, regardless of whether they are intending to attend a World Cup match.

Fans are warned that they should obtain their Hayya Cards in good time to avoid delays - although you currently can't apply unless you hold match tickets.

International fans will also need to confirm their accommodation plans, at the request of the Qatari authorities.

People should sign up for email alerts to the Qatar travel advice page for the latest information, the UK Government says.

They should also continue to monitor the official Qatar World Cup and FIFA websites to stay up-to-date with any new advice.

Separately, people should check the entry requirements for every country they plan to visit or pass through on the way to or from Qatar.

Further advice and tips will be made available to fans ahead of the tournament.

If you are travelling to Qatar before or after the tournament, the travel procedures will be different.

Laws and customs in Qatar are very different to those in the UK. Credit: PA Images
  • Can I drink alcohol in Qatar during the World Cup 2022?

The UK Government has cautioned that Qatari laws and customs are very different to those in the UK.

It says that Qatari authorities are still finalising policies relating to the sale and consumption of alcohol during the World Cup - but that its availability, and associated laws, "will be different to previous tournaments".

The legal drinking age in Qatar is 21, and alcohol is currently only available to visitors at licensed hotel restaurants and bars. It is an offence to drink alcohol or be drunk in a public place.

It is illegal to import alcohol into Qatar, and fans will not be able to buy alcohol from duty free in airports.

There is also zero tolerance for drug offences, with punishments ranging from long prison sentences to heavy fines or deportation. People can expect a severe penalty for possession of even tiny amounts.