Welsh Government super sponsor scheme for Ukrainian refugees 'temporarily paused'


The Welsh Government has announced a "temporary pause" on new visa applications for Ukrainian refugees.

The Super Sponsor scheme was set up to offer a home for Ukrainian refugees fleeing war. So far, over 2,000 visas have been issued.

Ministers have announced an operational pause on all new applications during June to ensure all people arriving and those already here in Wales receive "an excellent level of care and support".

The pause will start on Friday, June 10.

Minister for Social Justice Jane Hutt said the pause will give government time to "refine arrangements".

She said: “From the outbreak of the Ukraine conflict, our message has been clear - Wales is a Nation of Sanctuary and ready to welcome those fleeing war.

“Launched at the end of March, we have had a very positive response to our Homes for Ukraine Super Sponsor route.  We have seen visas granted well in excess of our initial commitment to welcome people. 

“This temporary pause will give us the opportunity to refine the arrangements we have put in place to support people on arrival and ensure all public services, in particular local authorities, can continue to deliver a high standard of support.

“To be clear, this operational pause will not affect any current applications and people will continue to arrive in Wales as visas are granted and travel arrangements are confirmed.” 

Ukrainian refugees fleeing their war-torn country

The Minister also praised the people of Wales for their warm welcome.

She added: “The level of commitment to the people of Ukraine across all public services and wider society has been wonderful.  

“I want to pay tribute to all those contributing to the ‘Team Wales’ approach to the crisis in Ukraine. The success of this scheme is due to  all those individuals, organisations, businesses, local authorities and third sector partners.

“We can all be proud of the heroic effort in supporting the people of Ukraine, effectively demonstrating that Wales is truly a Nation of Sanctuary.”