Fuel, food and energy prices the big worries as new poll lays bare extent of concerns

Petrol prices have hit £2 per litre on some forecourts and over 9 in every 10 say they're feeling the hit in their pocket. Credit: ITV News

People in Wales are finding paying for everyday essentials more difficult as the continuing squeeze on family budgets shows no signs of easing.

In a new YouGov poll for ITV Wales and Cardiff University, the majority say it's the cost of food that's shot up the most. More people also say they've seen increases in the staples of living compared with 3 months ago.

The number of respondents who've seen an increase in these basic services:

  • Groceries 91%

  • Public transport 24%

  • Energy prices 88%

  • Fuel 85%

Many are seeing their monthly spend on essentials like food, increase. Credit: PA Images

Last week the Bank of England raised interest rates to 1.25% and the latest inflation figures, which are to be released on Wednesday are expected to exceed 10%. The gloomy state of the UK economy seems to have transferred to the respondents of our poll too with a hefty majority braced for tougher times.

When asked: How do you think the economic situation for you and your household will change over the next 12 months?

The number of people who feel the economic situation is getting worse is up 3% compared with our last poll back in March.

Energy bills have soared over the last 12 months Credit: PA

Energy bills are still seen as a major source of financial pressure according to our poll but 68% say they're confident of paying their next bill, compared with 64% back in March.

In April, the Ofgem energy price rose to £1,971 - almost 58% higher than it was in April 2021. The next revision is set to take effect in October this year.

YouGov polled a representative sample of 1,020Welsh voters, aged 16+, between the 12th and 16th of June for ITV Cymru Wales and Cardiff University.

Barn Cymru is a collaborative partnership between ITV Cymru Wales, Cardiff University's Wales Governance Centre and the leading polling agency YouGov. The recently refreshed partnership aims to provide an insight into people's beliefs, attitudes and opinions and to gain real-time feedback on public views in Wales.