'Liar', 'idiot', 'buffoon' - most popular words to describe Boris Johnson in new poll

Boris Johnson's popularity has again taken a battering with 63% saying he should resign. Credit: PA Images

A new opinion poll of people in Wales has revealed the most popular words to describe the prime minister - with "liar" coming out on top.

The YouGov poll, for ITV Wales and Cardiff University, also revealed Boris Johnson's popularity in Wales has hit a new low with 63% wanting him to resign.

A series of political crises culminated in the prime minister surviving a vote of no confidence earlier this month. But it seems Welsh voters now want him gone, with a clear majority saying he should resign - up from our previous poll in March.

We asked: Do you think Boris Johnson should resign from his role as prime minister, or should he remain in his role?

  • Should resign - 63% (+5)

  • Should remain in his role - 27% (-1)

  • Don't know - 10% (-4)

We also asked respondents to provide one word to describe the prime minister, with "liar" being the most frequent, suggested 131 times, followed by "idiot" at 69 times and "buffoon" at 63.

Words respondents provided to describe Boris Johnson Credit: WorditOut

Mark Drakeford

First Minister Mark Drakeford has signalled his intention to call time on his tenure at the helm of the Welsh Government during this Senedd term.

When respondents were asked to provide one word to describe the leader of Wales, "Welsh" was the most popular phrase, mentioned 35 times. "Boring" was next at 31, and "trustworthy / competent" joint third at 29.

Most popular words used to describe first minister Mark Drakeford Credit: WorditOut

Voting intentions

There was little movement in Westminster voting intentions with the support for the main parties largely unchanged from our last poll in March.

  • Labour - 41% (no change)

  • Conservatives - 26% (no change)

  • Plaid Cymru - 16% (+3)

  • Liberal Democrats - 7% (no change)

  • Other - 10% (-3%)

Dr Jac Larner, Lecturer in Politics at Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre said: “Boris Johnson’s numbers continue to decline, with 63% of respondents thinking Boris Johnson should resign, up from 58% in our previous poll. This includes over a third (36%) of current Conservative party supporters which is a very bad place for a party leader to."

"Mark Drakeford will be far happier, with a plurality of respondents agreeing he's trustworthy, competent, and decisive. Again, the numbers are not so kind for Boris Johnson, with only 10% of respondents seeing him as trustworthy, and less than a quarter see him as competent."

YouGov polled a representative sample of 1,020 Welsh voters, aged 16+, between the 12th and 16th of June for ITV Cymru Wales and Cardiff University.

Barn Cymru is a collaborative partnership between ITV Cymru Wales, Cardiff University's Wales Governance Centre and the leading polling agency YouGov. The recently refreshed partnership aims to provide an insight into people's beliefs, attitudes and opinions and to gain real-time feedback on public views in Wales.