Public split on whether there should be another Prince of Wales after Charles becomes King

Charles will follow his mother as the monarch, but what will come of the title of Prince of Wales? Credit: PA

The monarchy is in transition. The jubilee weekend earlier this month was as much about looking forward as it was looking back.

The Queen, now 96, was sending a signal with the final image on the final day - her along side her son, grandson and great grandson. Three future kings standing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. The message was simple - continuity. 

But will there be continuity in the title of Prince of Wales?

Charles has been Prince of Wales for longer than anyone else: 64 years next month.

Three future kings stood on the balcony of Buckingham Palace during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations Credit: PA

He was given the title as a schoolboy, hearing the announcement, made by the Queen at the close of the Commonwealth Games in Cardiff, on a radio in his headmaster’s office.

However, when Prince Charles becomes King Charles (or another name) the title will become vacant. So what should happen to it?

The title is given to the male hair to the throne. Next in line will be Prince William followed by his son Prince George.

But the title of Prince of Wales is controversial for some who believe the last true native Prince of Wales died in the Middle Ages. In the 1960s the idea of a new Prince of Wales and an investiture ceremony at Caernarfon Castle sparked protests, even bomb plots. 

The Investiture of the Prince of Wales took place at Caernarfon Castle on July 1, 1969 Credit: PA

So how does Wales feel about a new Prince of Wales after Charles?

In our latest ITV Wales Yougov Poll we asked people whether there should or shouldn't be a Prince of Wales after Charles becomes King.

Do you think there should or should not be another Prince of Wales after Prince Charles becomes King?

It follows a similar question we asked in 2018 to mark 60 years since Prince Charles became Prince of Wales.

In that 57% said they wanted Prince William to inherent the title while 22% said it should be left vacant or abolished.

This is not a pressing matter, most Welsh people probably haven’t given it much thought.

But, this issue is likely to come back once Prince Charles becomes King and thoughts turn to the role of a Prince of Wales and any likely investiture or ceremony which could follow.