Newport teen praised for 'heroic' actions to help distressed young boy

Newport teen heroically helps young boy
Police gave Kyron some chocolates and a gift voucher to thank him for his "heroic" actions. Credit: Gwent police

A teenager from Newport has been labelled an "absolute hero" by the police after he came to the aid of a "vulnerable and distressed" young boy.

Kyron Powell, 14, came across the child on Thursday afternoon (23rd June) while he was walking home from school.

Kyron contacted the young boy's mum to let her know that he would be home later than planned and asked her to call the police.

He then stayed with the young boy to keep him calm and safe until police officers arrived.

Inspector Hannah Welti from Gwent Police said: "Kyron is an absolute hero. His actions allowed police to get there quickly and ensure the child’s immediate safety and get him the support he needed at that time.

"To say thank you, I visited Kyron and took him some chocolates and a Just Eat voucher after I heard that his amazing actions meant that he had missed his dinner.

“We were all extremely impressed by Kyron's mature and sensible response to this situation and wanted to thank him."

Gwent Police added: "Outstanding work from a young member of the community - thank you, Kyron."