Logan Mwangi murder: Devastating moment dad is told son could have survived in ITV documentary

Ben Mwangi is told Logan had a survival time of at least seven hours in ITV documentary 'The Murder of Logan Mwangi'

Warning: This article contains information about Logan's injuries which may be distressing.

Footage of the moment Logan Mwangi's biological father was told his son could have survived his injuries if an ambulance was called earlier will be shown in a new ITV documentary.

Five-year-old Logan was found dead in the River Ogmore in Sarn, Bridgend, on the morning of 31 July 2021.

He had more than 50 external wounds, as well as multiple internal injuries akin to those found in victims of a fall from height or high-speed car crash.

His mother Angharad Williamson, 31, her partner John Cole, 40, and a youth were convicted of murdering Logan at Cardiff Crown Court in April. The adults were today (30 June) jailed for life.

A 14-year-old - who can now be named as Craig Mulligan after a judge lifted an anonymity order at Cardiff Crown Court - was sentenced to 15 years.

South Wales Police worked with ITV to show how they caught Logan's killers and the devastating impact his death had on those who loved Logan, as well as the toll it took on officers.

During the course of the investigation, officers visited Logan's father Ben Mwangi to share the devastating news that the five-year-old had a survival time of seven hours after his injuries were inflicted.

Speaking to ITV after receiving a call from the Home Office pathologist, senior investigating officer DI Lianne Rees said: "It would have been obvious to any person that Logan would have been in extreme distress and pain."

Police then visit Ben Mwangi, who had been denied contact with his son since April 2019 – around the time Williamson began her relationship with Cole.

Mr Mwangi becomes tearful as he is told 56 bruises were inflicted on his son.

Logan Mwangi's father described him as a "beautiful boy." Credit: South Wales Police

DI Rees then tells him: "There was a high chance of survival if medical attention had been sought in a timely fashion. There would have been a survival time of at least seven hours."

Speaking later in the documentary, Mr Mwangi said: "My lasting memory of him was just a happy little boy that called me ‘Daddy’.

“The wonderful memories I have with my son will never be tarnished. They will forever be in my heart and soul.

“I loved him so much and somehow I have to live my life knowing that I will never get to see him grow up to be the wonderful man I know that he could be.”

ITV documentary, The Murder Of Logan Mwangi, was produced in conjunction with South Wales Police. It will be broadcast at 9pm, Thursday June 30, on ITV and S4C, and 10.45pm on ITV Wales.