Logan Mwangi murder: Teenage killer named as Craig Mulligan as judge lifts anonymity order

Craig Mulligan, aged 14, murdered Logan Mwangi alongside Angharad Williamson and John Cole. Credit: South Wales Police

The teenage boy who murdered Logan Mwangi can be named as Craig Mulligan after a judge lifted an anonymity order at Cardiff Crown Court.

The 14-year-old boy was found guilty of murder alongside his step-parents Angharad Williamson and John Cole.

He was sentenced to 15 years, while Logan's biological mother Williamson and Cole were jailed for life.

Until today (June 30), an anonymity order protecting Mulligan's identity due to his age had prevented him from being named in any media reporting.

The lifeless body of Logan, a previously “smiling, cheerful little boy”, was discovered in the River Ogmore on the morning of July 31 2021.

Police officers found him partially submerged, wearing dinosaur pyjama bottoms and a Spider-Man top just metres from his home.

Logan Mwangi was found partially submerged in the River Ogmore by police on July 31 2021.

The young boy had suffered 56 external cuts and bruises, and “catastrophic” internal injuries which the judge said were the result of a "brutal attack".

Mulligan had moved into the family home in Sarn, only five days before Logan's death – a fact prosecutors said was “no coincidence”.

The stepson of Cole, who had brought him up from nine months old, Mulligan was said to have “idolised” him and seen him as a “God-like” figure.

Cole had been in a relationship with Mulligan’s mother and the three moved to Wales for a “new start”.

They later split, but remained living in the same house with Mulligan, including while Cole began dating Angharad Williamson.

Mulligan was later placed in the care of Bridgend County Borough Council for six months.

Caroline Rees QC, prosecuting, said by this time Mulligan was already “a complex, troubled and violent boy”.

He was placed with foster families, one of which described how he made their lives a “living hell” for the several weeks he lived with them, and they became “terrified” of him.

They said he made repeated threats to kill them, injured their daughter and the foster mother and their dog.

Concerns were further raised after he asked two young girls if they wanted to play a “murder game” and said they would have to get inside black bin bags.

Although he spoke fondly of his stepfather and stepmother, the family said they noticed he would only refer to Logan as “the five-year-old”, and spoke of wanting to “kill the five-year-old”.

They said he had a “desire for violence”, and called him a “monster” in submissions to the court.

The family said they made Mulligan’s social worker aware of their concerns, however she denies this.

'I love to punch kids in the head'

Cole and Williamson petitioned the family courts to have custody of Mulligan and on 26 July 2021 they won and he came to live with them.

Mulligan was large for his age and had an interest in mixed martial arts, specifically Muay Thai, as well as video games – his username being “King hulk”.

A support worker said that they had once heard Mulligan singing: “I love kids, I f****** love kids, I love to punch kids in the head, it’s orgasmic.”

Sentencing Cole, Williamson and Mulligan on Thursday, Mrs Justice Jefford said it was her belief that the physical assault on Logan was perpetrated by Cole and Mulligan.

However, she told Williamson: "This fatal assault could not have happened without your full knowledge and collusion”. 

A social services investigation is now under way into the circumstances of Logan’s death.

Explaining her decision to lift the anonymity order, Mrs Justice Jefford said it would allow the public a better understanding of the circumstances of Logan Mwangi’s murder.

“There is a clear reason in the interests of open justice and the proper reporting of this trial and sentencing that the reporting restrictions should be lifted and at very least the reporting of the familial relationship,” she said.

“Looking at it the other way, there is no good reason to restrict reporting of these matters.

“On balance, I consider there is no good reason to continue the restriction on the identification of Craig Mulligan.”

John Cole was sentenced to life imprisonment and ordered to serve a minimum of 29 years.

Angharad Williamson was also sentenced to life imprisonment and was ordered to serve a minimum of 28 years, while Mulligan was sentenced to 15 years.