'Game over': The end of Boris Johnson's time as Prime Minister is coming

Events are moving so quickly at Westminster that anything I write is likely to be out of date before I finish writing it. 

Everywhere you look MPs and their staff are talking to each other in huddles and to journalists.

Nobody knows what's going to happen next but everyone believes the end of Boris Johnson's time as Prime Minister is coming, possibly within days, more likely within hours. 

It's as if a giant Jenga tower has finally begun to collapse in slow motion. 

Welsh MPs that I've been speaking to appear to be in shock. "It's grim beyond words," said one. "It's totally awful," said another. 

I'm hearing the same phrases that I did last night from Welsh MPs: "It's over." "He's finished." "Game over."

"I'm doing the right thing, aren't I?" one MP mused aloud as they prepared to hand in their resignation.

In truth there are few other options. 

Boris Johnson has been grilled on ethics in politics during the Liaison Committee

I heard about one MP in a junior government role who is reluctantly staying on, not out of loyalty to the Prime Minister, but because they love what the job that they're doing and think they're making a difference at it.

Impossible choices like that are repeated over and over again. 

Even those who've never supported Boris Johnson aren't, as you might expect, relishing these extraordinary hours.

They know it only harms them, their political future, the future for the party and, most importantly, the rest of the country.

The rest of the Conservative party is looking on at events in Westminster with horror, knowing it could harm their prospects in the general election which could take place within the next year.

That's why even a supporter of Boris Johnson like Andrew RT Davies is now saying that the Prime Minister should stand aside, even if he's qualifying that call by saying that he should resign if he can't command a majority in Parliament. 

From what I've seen over the last few hours in Westminster, that looks highly unlikely.