Phone lost at sea found three days later still working on North Wales beach

A phone lost at sea has been found still working, three days after it was accidentally dropped in the waters of Cardigan Bay.

Charlie Howard, 34, an operations manager from Shrewsbury, lost the iPhone X whilst on holiday with his wife in Abersoch on Pen Llŷn, Gwynedd.

He had been wearing the phone on a neck lanyard when he took his wife on a dinghy onto the waters off Abersoch main beach.

"We were jumping on and off the boat,” he said.

“As I jumped back on, the lanyard caught the edge of the boat and the phone sank into the sea. At low tide we had a look around the seabed but we couldn’t find it.”

For the next three days the couple returned at low tide to scour the bay but there was no sight of the phone.

It was finally found by a swimmer on the seabed under 4ft of water. After leaving it at the village’s Lon Gollf beach café, he put out an appeal for its owner via Facebook.

“It was in a waterproof case, so I thought it might turn up,” Charlie said.

“I heard on the grapevine that an iPhone had been found and a family member went to collect it. At some point I’d like to thank the person who found it.”