The stunning street art project transforming buildings in Newport

"I've been to Berlin and seen street art there. I've been to Brick Lane in London. I've been to Bristol. And then I looked at Newport and thought there are so many opportunities for street art" says Janet Martin.

Janet - who runs Barnabas Arts House in Pill - is passionate about the city and its people.

Taking over the derelict church building fifteen years ago, she's turned it into a gallery, creative space and cafe. Now, Janet wants to use the walls of buildings around the area to share art with the wider community.

Janet Martin by the mural on the side of Barnabas Arts House in Newport

"I'm not a painter. I'm not a performer, but I create spaces for people to create in". she explains.

"We need art in the streets. We need art that people on their way to the supermarket can see, and maybe have their day lifted by a thought"?

Beginning with the wall of Barnabas Arts House and a series of council-owned garages, Janet wants to identify further sites that could be developed.

The latest artwork is across a series of garages in Pill

"We're probably in one of the most challenging areas of Newport, and an area that gets almost permanent bad press" she says.

"The better things that happen here, the kindnesses, the inventive nature of people - that doesn't get spoken about"

"You can see an image that can change your day. It might make you have a different thought! A different feeling! And then it's done its job".

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