Basking shark filmed just metres from boat off Strumble Head on Pembrokeshire coast

A man was left stunned when he spotted a large shark just metres from his boat off the Welsh coast.

Alex Nel spotted the shark on Saturday (July 16) morning as he was out at sea near Strumble Head in Pembrokeshire.

Alex's video, posted to his family's farming Facebook page, shows two fins above the water just metres away from the boat.

The shark is believed to be a basking shark, Britain's largest fish at 12 metres in length and weighing up to six tonnes.

The sharks only eat microscopic animals called zooplankton, and are found in British waters between May and October.

Wales western coastline is becoming a popular spot for shark sightings.

Earlier this month, another basking shark was spotted off North Beach in Tenby.

A few days later, a nine foot thresher shark was spotted jumping out of the water near Pen-yr-Afr near Cardigan.

Thresher sharks are a migratory species that pass through UK waters during the summer.

Both thresher sharks and basking sharks are considered harmless to humans and not aggressive.