Rhuddlan locals left with cuts and scratches after series of 'vicious' seagull attacks

A number of locals say they have been attacked by the "vicious" seagulls. Credit: Media Wales

People in a Denbighshire town say they have been left with cuts and scratches after a series of "vicious" seagull attacks.

Some visitors to Rhuddlan now carry umbrellas attempting to dodge the gulls.

A nest of two chicks is thought to be the cause with the protective parents targeting passersby thinking they are a threat. Two Denbighshire Council workers cleaning the streets of Rhuddlan say they have also been attacked by the birds.

Mark Vernon and Steve Scott were thanked by a woman they helped to avoid the gulls.

Street cleaners Mark Vernon and Steve Scott say they have been attacked by the gulls when collecting litter. Credit: Media Wales

Mark, 55, from St Asaph, said: “Steve was checking the bins while I searched the car park for litter. Suddenly I felt claws on my head. It was like a stealth attack from behind – I didn’t see or hear it coming.“The gull didn’t draw blood but I’ve been told others have not been so lucky. A builder nearby told me I was the third person they’d attacked that morning – they’re vicious...“Steve and I saw a woman in her car and realised she might get attacked too. So we got our brushes and held them up to ward off attacks as we walked her to work. They daren't come near us."Darren, the landlord of the King’s Head pub said it was particularly bad a couple of weeks ago, and some people were left with cuts on their heads.

“Everyone going through the pub car park was being attacked, it was unbelievable.“You can’t go around culling gulls or removing their nests. And unless everyone installs spikes on their roofs, the problem will just move elsewhere."

So what can be done to prevent similar incidents?

Local councillor Jackie Burnham says it's a hot topic at town council meetings but as nesting gulls are protected by law, there are very few solutions.

But Jackie is trying to warn locals by posting pictures on Facebook.

“It’s not a problem on the High Street, probably because there’s too much traffic,” said Jackie. “But where I live people walking their dogs are being attacked.“It tends to happen most summers. Gulls are always an issue for people living near the coast, as so many of them seem to think houses are cliffs.”