Police probe racist letters sent from DVLA in Swansea

The DVLA in Swansea say they are urgently investigating after letters containing extreme racial slurs were sent to a gym owner in Oldham. 

Marvin Greaves, 40, received a V5C logbook from the DVLA two weeks ago. 

Despite not owning a car, the logbook addressed to him included his name, the word ‘black’ and an extremely offensive racial slur.

The former pro boxer says he complained to the government agency in Morriston only to receive two more letters from the DVLA which again included an extreme racial slur and the word ‘chocolate’. 

“I was absolutely shocked” Marvin told ITV News.

"It's a good job I'm not a vulnerable person. If I was vulnerable those letters could have ended my life with mental health and everything else. This is why it is so serious."

The DVLA is the largest employer in Swansea. It prints and mails more than 118 million items of post to over 50 million customers across the UK.

The letter originated from the agency’s Morriston site where vehicle ownership details are processed. 

A spokesperson for the DVLA said “These malicious and fraudulent applications were made by an as yet unknown third party and we have removed this information from our records.”

They added, “We are urgently investigating and will pass our findings onto the Police”.

Marvin claims the DVLA told him to destroy the logbooks in a letter he received from the agency, although he refused. He is also concerned the third party may be someone who knows him. 

He is now demanding answers as to how the letters were sent out without any checks.

"Those racist words should never have got printed and sent to my gym.”

"It doesn't matter what they say, it should never have happened and they should have a system in place that flag up words like that"

"I can't sleep at night as I'm thinking if anyone is going to come to my house."

The father of six says receiving the letters has been traumatic for his family.

"I've been feeling stressed and worried, I can't really sleep at night as I'm thinking if anyone is going to come to my house. With my family, I'm usually happy and bubbly but they know that there is something wrong, there is something playing on my mind"

Marvin, who works to combat issues such as racism within his community, gives boxing lessons to youngsters at his gym to keep them off the streets. 

He also regularly attends schools in Greater Manchester giving talks to pupils about the dangers of following the wrong path in life.

"I've helped loads, the parents are always thanking me”

“I don't want this with the DVLA to bring me down. There are a lot of people out there who need my help so I've got to be focused,  but this has got me feeling at rock bottom”

“I still can't get my head around how these documents reached my gym from a government agency"

Greater Manchester Police say they have received a complaint and are investigating.