River Alyn in Denbighshire completely dries out amid record-breaking heatwave

The River Alyn completely disappeared as Wales records its hottest day ever. Credit: Media Wales

A river in Wales has completed dried out as temperatures hit an all time high for the second day.

The River Alyn at Loggerheads Country Park in Denbighshire disappeared altogether as many parts of Wales experience temperatures between the mid to late 30s.

What usually looks like a healthy flowing body of water, now shows just the rocks.

All that was left to see were the rocks usually underneath the flowing river.

Locals said they had never seen the river so dry as temperatures scorched.

It was north Wales which broke records with the hottest day on record, reporting 37.1°C in Hawarden, Flintshire on Monday (18 July).

It comes as a rare amber weather warning was issued for Wales by the Met Office.

The same river in Denbighshire during a flood in 2019.

During the heatwave, water companies like Welsh Water have urged people to reduce their water usage in a bid to help avoid a national shortage.

Despite this, demand exceeded 1,000 mega litres per day on Monday (18 July) compared to the typical 850 mega litres.

Increased demand makes it more challenging to get water through the pipes fast enough and drains the water quicker from the reservoirs and rivers which supply water.

Locals say they have never seen it so dry.

Ahead of the heatwave, Ian Christie, Managing Director of Water, Asset Planning and Capital Delivery Services, explained: "Sometimes the demand can cause problems on the network which is why we need to ask customers for their help so that we can make sure the water reaches everyone.

"It’s also essential so that we can help preserve the supplies in our reservoirs and rivers after what has been a dry spring and early summer.

"Our advice is simple for customers, use the water you need but avoid wasting it."