World record: Meet the incredible eight-year-old who can recite every country's capital and currency

Do you know the name of each and every capital city?

Do you know which countries use which currency?

Well, eight-year-old Anne Winston from Cardiff certainly does.

In fact, Anne can recite all 195 capital cities and the currency for each and every country in the WORLD and if that’s not impressive enough she can do it in just 7 minutes and 15 seconds - making her a World Record Holder.

Anne was just three years old when she began learning the names of capital cities. It started as a bit of fun whilst travelling in the car with her Dad, Winston Jacob.

He said: "The entire learning or most of her learning probably happened in the car.

"It was on our way to nursery, on our way to school, it was literally as we were parked up to go in somewhere so everything started and ended in the car and it was literally feeding a child's curiosity.

"You'd never think a child would retain that sort of information but when they did it was like 'ok, here's another one.'"

Anne is a pupil in Year Three at Pontprennau Primary School, Cardiff. Credit: Google Maps

Anne became hooked on learning and she finds it easy to retain information. After initially just learning the capital cities she felt she needed more so also began learning currencies.

Before she knew it, Anne could recite each and every capital city and currency of the 195 countries of the world.

She said: ​​”We just started with capitals and we just kept going and going and I thought I could do something more so I went to currencies and I just kept going and going."

Anne attends Pontprennau Primary School in Cardiff and she is described by headteacher Ian James as a "wonderful pupil who enjoys all aspects of learning".

Anne herself was not at all phased by the World Record Attempt last month saying that on the day of the event she was ‘super excited’.

The previous record in the same category was held by a 10-year-old girl with 12 minutes and 24 seconds but Anne’s successful attempt makes her the youngest record holder, both by time and age.

The year 3 pupil achieved the impressive feat in a live-streamed event organised by OMG Book of World Records.

'A lifetime supply of ice cream'

Ahead of the event, Anne’s uncle had promised his niece a lifetime supply of her favourite ice cream if she successfully broke the World record whilst her Dad promised her a tube of her favourite sweets and an iPod set.

Anne dedicates her achievements to her Grandfather who passed away last year. She also hopes it will "inspire other children around the world".

Anne, who is also a very talented badminton player, just loves to learn and has already been asking her dad to help teach her the symbols for all the currencies so there may be another World record attempt for this talented young girl in the not too distant future.