Woman 'mortified' after her pet cat started stealing flowers from local graveyard

Rachel Masterman, 48, said her cat Demo began bringing home random items ever since being hit by a car last year Credit: Media Wales

A woman has said she was mortified to discover her that pet cat had been stealing flower arrangements from graves at the local cemetery.

Rachel Masterman said her cat Demo has been bringing home random items ever since she was hit by a car last year, leaving her with a serious head injury.

But, after dragging everything from gloves and boxer shorts to Covid face masks through her cat flap, Demo's latest fascination seems to be for memorial floral bouquets left by families at the nearby churchyard.

Rachel said her cat Demo has recently brought home "five gloves over a period of two days." Credit: Media Wales

And now Rachel has reached out on social media to apologise to whoever has had their graveside tributes taken.

"My beautiful cat Demo was hit by a car last year and suffered a nasty head injury," said the 48-year-old former chef from Caldicot in Gwent.

"But after a £700 vets' bill and lots of love and care she pulled through, despite losing a few teeth and the sight in her left eye.

"Most worryingly though, I think she also lost her marbles because every single day since she's been bringing home random stuff.

"In fact, she's got a severe thieving problem and I've had to warn people living locally to lock up their belongings.

"She recently brought home five gloves over a period of two days, as well as kids' hats, crisp packets and a small watering can - even a pair of boxer hosts.

"Anything that is lying around in someone's garden is fair game, basically.

Rachel confirmed that the stolen flowers have been returned to their owners. Credit: Media Wales

"But this latest addition is a step too far - I am so embarrassed and, quite frankly, mortified."

She added that since she posted about Demo's behaviour - who was originally bought for her daughter Sophia - the stolen flowers have been returned to their owners.

"Luckily the person saw the funny side," said Rachel.

"When she came to the door to collect the bouquet she was actually in stitches laughing. She said the arrangement had been for her late sister and added that she'd have also been howling about demo's antics."

Rachel revealed that she'd since received lots of messages from others online saying that their cats also bring them 'gifts' on a regular basis.

"A lot of people say that cats do it to show their owners they love them, so Demo must be pretty fond of me. Nevertheless, I'd much prefer if she brought home a bag of £50 notes as a token of her affection."