Eisteddfod: People told not to drink water and supply cut amid checks on quality

The Eisteddfod is waiting for results to measure the quality of water Credit: S4C

The water supply at the National Eisteddfod site in Tregaron was turned off in order to carry out quality checks on the water. 

It’s understood that people at the Eisteddfod site were given advice to refrain from drinking the water for the time being. 

A spokesperson from the National Eisteddfod said that shutting down the supply is a “precaution”, and they’re providing water to people at the festival and caravan sites. 

The National Eisteddfod have said that shutting down the water supply is a "precaution"

They added that the Eisteddfod is “waiting for the most recent test results” to measure the quality of the water and highlighted that changes in water quality can occur “on complex building sites such as the Eisteddfod site.” 

A Ceredigion County Council spokesperson said: “The safety of the public is our main priority and working carefully and thoroughly is vital when preparing the site.” 

When events like the Eisteddfod are held, a temporary network is created to supply water for such events.

Welsh Water confirmed that there wasn’t a wider problem with water quality in Tregaron, but that it was a matter for the private system in place for the Eisteddfod.  

The historic festival is returning to Tregaron for the first time since the pandemic. The week-long festival gets underway on July 30 and will conclude on August 6.