Eisteddfod: Tregaron hosts Welsh culture festival after a two-year hiatus

The Eisteddfod is back after a two year hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic - with a warm Welsh welcome.

Over the next week, tens of thousands of people are expected to visit Tregaron, one of the smallest market towns in Wales.

The Eisteddford has plenty on offer, with Welsh culture and cuisine too.

Rain failed to dampen spirits at the Eisteddfod, which is back after a two-year hiatus. Credit: ITV Wales

Lois, who is competing, told ITV Wales: "It's very good (to be back), it's a way to interact with everyone I haven't seen in many years because I make different friends through singing through the Eisteddfod."

Another visitor said: "It's the first time I've brought the kids to the Eisteddfod. I've got two little ones, so it's really nice to bring them and show them what I've been enjoying every year."

One business whose stall is thriving at the event, Teifi Toastie Co, was established in 2018 and was in its infancy when the pandemic struck.

Festival goers enjoy Welsh cuisine on offer. Credit: ITV Wales

James Walton, who owns the food business, said: "It's been tough with the Covid pandemic so it's nice for us to get back into the swing of things and get cooking some toasties.

"It's so nice to be here and it's great for businesses in general and Tregaron as a whole."Tregaron is already on the map but it'll only add to its popularity and renown. Perhaps we'll get on the world stage now as opposed to just the Welsh stage."

The set up of the festival got off to a rocky start, with the festival's water supply cut off amid safety concerns.

But on Saturday (July 30) the stage was set with competitions underway - all organisers can do now is hope that people turn up and have a good time.

Betsan Moses, Chief Executive of the Eisteddfod, said: "I think it's just for people to come together and enjoy.

"A lot of people have been anxiously waiting for us to open and now it's open, we have a little bit of drizzle but there is so much to do and it's just meeting old friends and creating new ones. After two years of isolation, we're all just coming together."