Shoplifting seagull caught on CCTV 'pushing its luck' returning to crime scene for second theft

  • Watch the moment the seagull targeted the shop for a second time that day

A crafty seagull has been caught on CCTV "pushing its luck" as it stole a croissant from a convenience shop in Bangor - its second theft from the store in the space of 24 hours.

The footage from Late Stop 24 on Holyhead Road shows the wily bird walking purposefully into the shop before snatching the pastry packet and quickly making a run for it through the shop's front door.

It has prompted an appeal from the shop owners for any information on the feathered, serial thief.

Along with the CCTV video, the shop posted online: "Do you recognise this thief? Caught on camera twice [on Wednesday] stealing from the premises, he's pushing his luck...

"Somebody out there must recognise him...We have already been given the name Steven, but could be just a relation. Any info appreciated."Bangor is not the only place in north Wales that has reported run ins with unruly seagulls of late.

People in Rhuddlan, Denbighshire, recently said they had been left with cuts and scratches after a series of "vicious" seagull attacks. Another incident involved a family in Kinmel Bay, Conwy, who said they felt like prisoners in their own home after being targeted by “psycho” gulls.