Bangladesh: Cardiff woman, 20, becomes third member of family to die in suspected poisoning

Hundreds turned out to mourn the family after taxi driver Rafiqul and his son died and Samira was found unconscious. Credit: Media Wales

A 20-year-old woman who is thought to have been poisoned has become the third member of her family to die after the incident in Bangladesh. Samira Islam, from Cardiff, died at around 8.30am on Friday morning (5 August).Her brother Mahiqul, 16, and father Rafiqul, 51, also died following the incident at a flat in the region of Sylhet in the north east of Bangladesh.

Hundreds turned out to mourn the family. Credit: Media Wales

Hundreds gathered to mourn the family after taxi driver, Rafiqul, and his son died and Samira was found unconscious. Mr Islam's wife, Hosne Ara Islam, 40, and son Sadikul Islam, 21, were both also found unconscious but have survived and have been released from hospital.

Police have confirmed the family came to Bangladesh on July 12 and that they moved into the flat where they were found on July 18. The police are now working on the theory it may have been carbon monoxide poisoning.District superintendent Uddin said it was believed the incident is a case of poisoning but an investigation into the incident is ongoing.He said: "After discussing the overall situation with the doctors and inspecting the scene we believe this may have been a case of poisoning. The investigation is ongoing into whether it is poisoning or something else."

The family, from Cardiff, were on a two-month visit to Bangladesh when they were found unconscious by a relative. The relative said that when there was no answer they looked in a window and saw the family sprawled across two beds.It is thought there was a faulty electricity generator in the property which was being used that night because of a power cut.