Wizz Air passengers left waiting at Cardiff Airport for seven hours for flight that never took off

Passengers twice boarded the flight to Corfu before it was finally cancelled due to staffing issues

Passengers on a flight from Cardiff to Corfu were left waiting at the airport for seven hours before their flight was cancelled.

Holidaymakers heading to the Greek island on Sunday (August 7) were subjected to a series of delays that saw them board and disembark the plane twice before the Wizz Air flight was finally cancelled altogether.Over the course of the four-hour delay, a technical fault saw engineers "turn the plane on and off again" while passengers were sent back to the terminal with a £4 voucher for food.

After they boarded the plane for a second time, the flight was cancelled due to staffing issues.

Wizz Air has been accused of providing "absolutely no help" to those stranded and in need of alternative arrangements.

Passenger Sean Glossop was due to fly to Corfu with a friend but his trip was delayed by 24 hours.

It was the second time in less than a month that he had been let down by Wizz Air, having been left stranded in Crete after the airline cancelled a direct flight back to Cardiff just a few hours before take-off in July."The flight was supposed to leave at 7.25am and everything was going smoothly," he explained.

"We boarded the plane and then once the engines started there was apparently a 'technical fault'. We were told that they had to call an engineer out and that we would have to wait an hour on the plane.

"They did the classic 'turn it off and back on again' which didn't work, so after an hour sitting on the plane we were sent back to the terminal for another couple of hours while the engineer apparently replaced some parts.

"They provided us with £4 vouchers each which were literally enough to buy half a sandwich."

This isn't the first time this year that passengers at Cardiff airport have had their travels severely disrupted

Sunday's delays are the latest in what has been a difficult summer for passengers at Cardiff Airport and across the UK.

In July, holidaymakers in Crete were forced to fork out thousands of pounds on extra accommodation after Wizz Air cancelled two return flights to Wales in the space of a week, with passengers given just a few hours notice that they wouldn't be taking off.

Two weeks earlier, passengers travelling on a Wizz Air flight from Corfu back to Cardiff saw their plane forced to divert to Bristol after an incident at Cardiff Airport meant they were unable to land there.

The incident, which saw a light aircraft go off the end of the runway, meant the airfield was closed for nearly an hour.

Those on the flight - which was due to arrive back in Cardiff just after 1pm - were then forced to wait on the plane on the Bristol Airport runway for several hours, before being told they would not be flying back to Cardiff.

Some of the passengers on the flight claimed they were declined any food or water by Wizz Air staff on-board as they waited on the runway and were given limited information about the flight's status or whether they would be flying to Cardiff as planned.

Wizz Air has been approached for comment.