Mysterious seagull artwork likened to Banksy pops up in Tenby

The artwork's creator is a mystery, but each piece has a cultural or political reference. Credit: Media Wales

A series of mysterious artwork depicting seagulls has appeared at a number of different locations in Tenby.

The images, all depicting gulls, have popped recently in the popular Pembrokeshire town.

The artwork appears to have been transferred onto walls across the town, as opposed to being painted onto a surface.

One image shows a number of seagulls standing on top of each other in a man’s raincoat, as if walking down a street, while another shows a seagull attacking a child by attempting to take off their hat.

All of the artwork appears to have a cultural or political reference. Credit: Media Wales

Another depicts a bird holding a balloon in its mouth, with nitrous oxide cannisters scattered around, and there is one of seagulls surrounding a box marked ‘food bank’ which is full of chips.

The meaning and source of the artwork remains a mystery, but Tenby has become synonymous with seagull issues in recent years.

Tourists regularly complain the birds are becoming more vicious than ever when it comes to stealing food.

The gulls have also been blamed for tearing open plastic bags after they are left out by residents.

Seagulls have been blamed for wreaking havoc in Tenby and a number of other towns in Wales. Credit: Media Wales

Last summer, the streets of the picturesque town were filled with plastic and other waste.

Seagulls have also been causing trouble in towns across the north of Wales.

In Kinmel Bay, Conwy, one family said it has become 'prisoners it their own home' after being attacked by gulls when they leave their house.

Meanwhile in Rhuddlan in Denbighshire, council workers have had to take action in order to protect themselves from being attacked.