Truss hits out at Welsh Government for 'political games' and commits again to M4 relief road

Liz Truss accused the Welsh Government of "playing political games" and "failing to invest in infrastructure" Credit: PA

Liz Truss has hit out again at the Welsh Government, accusing devolved administrations of playing “political games” rather than delivering for voters.

The Foreign Secretary, who is running to be the UK’s next prime minister alongside Rishi Sunak, said that if she succeeds in the race to Number 10, she would also take on the role of minister for the Union – a position created and held by Boris Johnson.

She hit out at the Labour-run Welsh government for “failing to invest in infrastructure”.

Not for the first time, Miss Truss said she would invest in infrastructure throughout the UK, such as building the M4 relief road near Newport.

Her latest intervention comes after she has already called Welsh first minister Mark Drakeford a "low energy Jeremy Corbyn" and denounced Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon as an “attention seeker”.

Mr Drakeford previously responded to Truss' comments by saying: "There's nothing that I could say about either of them that they haven't already said about each other."

In a statement, Ms Truss, who remains the bookmakers’ favourite to succeed Mr Johnson, insisted she would govern for the whole UK “family” if she gains the keys to No 10.

“Having grown up in Paisley before going to a comprehensive school in Leeds, I consider myself a child of the Union. When I say I will deliver for our country, I mean all of it,” she said.

“My government would put the Union at the heart of everything it does and ensure that all corners of our country are rightly championed at the very top of government.

“For too long, people in parts of our United Kingdom have been let down by their devolved administrations playing political games instead of focusing on their priorities. If elected prime minister, I will deliver for our whole country.

“We are not four separate nations in an agreement of convenience, as some would have us believe. We are one great country which shares a history and institutions, but also family and friends, memories and values.

“I would ensure that our entire family continues to get the attention, support, and investment that it deserves.”

Rishi Sunak has also attacked the Welsh Government, saying he thinks his party needs "call out the failures" of Mark Drakeford. Credit: PA

Ahead of a visit next week to Scotland, she also accused the Scottish National Party of being preoccupied with the issue of independence when, she said, they should be focused on averting a recession.

The SNP has hit out at the comments, accusing Ms Truss of having a “total disregard” for Scotland.

The new prime minister will be announced when MPs return to Westminster following the summer break on September 5.

A spokesperson for the Welsh Government said it is not responding to comments being made by the contenders during their leadership campaign.