Cat lost at service station reunited with her owners

Image of Bubbles the cat, who has been reunited with her owners after going missing at Magor service station on the M4
Butters the cat escaped whilst being walked around the outside of the service station Credit: Gwent Cat Protection

A lucky cat has been reunited with her owners about ten days after going missing at a service station on the M4.

Butters escaped while being walked around Magor services by her owners, who were going on holiday.

She was eventually rescued from a bush by Gwent Cats Protection, who then used Butters' microchip to track down her owners, who picked her up the next day and took her back to London.

Glynis Davies from Cats Protection Gwent said: "This story shows the importance of microchipping in being able to reunite lost pets with their owners."

Once they had found Butters' microchip, Ms Davies' fellow rescuer Tina Harty was able to look up the owner's details on a database, including finding their phone number and email address.

Butters has now been safely returned to her owners, who live in London Credit: Gwent Cats Protection

Cats Protection was first alerted by rumours online of the cat at the service station.

The friendly feline had been "going up to a lot of people" looking for food before she was rescued, according to Ms Davies.

In fact, she was "so friendly [workers at the hotel at Magor services] were worried someone was going to pick her up" and take her home for themselves.

Instead, Butters' owners were "thrilled to bits" to have her back as they "didn't expect to see her again", according to Ms Davies.